[GUIDE] Evo 3D on MetroPCS – MMS, internet, 3G speeds! [UPDATED TO WORK WITH ICS!!!]

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PROVISIONINGFirst start by following bloodykiller86’s Provisioning Guide STEP BY STEP.The settings are the same across all devices. Following the instructions on the guide (for the Evo 4G) will get you set up correctly on the Evo 3D.DO NOT DOWNLOAD METRODROID. That rom is only for Evo 4G. After you complete step 28, come back to this thread.


Now you should have voice, text and internet working.


MetroPCS has upgraded their towers in most areas of service to include 3G coverage. If your area doesn’t have it yet, it probably will get it soon enough.You need to have PRL 3022 or newer for this to work. So here we go,

Latest MetroPCS PRL

1. Download the file.
2. Copy PRL file to the root of your SD card.
3. Open your dialer and dial ##775# (if nothing happens, download this EPST.apk and push it to /system/app/ with permissions set to RW-R–R–).
4. Put in your MSL code (if you followed bloodykiller86’s guide above it should be 000000…if not, download MSL Reader from the Market and it will give you your MSL code).
5. Click on Update PRL
6. It will take a while, but eventually it will show you the prl file that you placed on your SD card. Click on it, click on OK.
7. Now press the Menu button, and click on Commit Modifications.
8. Reboot your phone and now you will have access to 3G service if its available in your area!

NOTE: some roms do not correctly show the difference between 3G and 1X service. I used SteelH’s SteelRom line of Roms and they always changed from 1X to 3G depending on my service.


This is the biggest hurdle, which very few people have successfully gotten to work. It is not a perfect solution but it works very well for us.
Download the following Zip file (not flashable):


Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Download and install Titanium Backup. You will also need the PRO version, so you’ll need to shell out a couple of bucks if you don’t already own it. It’s well worth it anyways.
2. Download and install APN Backup & Restore from the Market. 
3. Open APN Backup & Restore, ignore the ICS warning, and click on “Backup APNs”. Exit out of APN Backup & Restore.
4. Place this folder in your SD Card.
5. Copy MetroPCS_MMS_Send_APN.xml from this folder to the APN Backup folder in the root of the SD Card.
6. Open Titanium Backup, go under Backup/Restore, and find APN Backup & Restore, press and select “Make system app.”
7. Open APN Backup & Restore, ignore the ICS warning, press menu, and disable ICS check. Exit APN Backup & Restore.
8. Open APN Backup & Restore again, and now there should not be an ICS warning!
9. Click on “Delete APNs.”
6. Click on Restore APNs and select “MetroPCS_MMS_Send.APN.xml”.
6a. Press Ok after selecting the above.
6b. Press No when you get the message asking Yes or No.
7. Using Root Explorer or a similar app, copy the MMS.apk file from this folder to your /system/app/ folder.
7a. Make sure you are in R/W mode and click Yes to overwrite existing file if you get the message.
7b. Make sure to delete any duplicate MMS.apk or mms.apk from the /system/app directory. You should only have one Mms.apk file (notice the capitalization changes in the three files I mentioned).
7c. Make sure to delete any MMS.odex, mms.odex, or Mms.odex file in /system/app.
8. Set permissions to RW-R–R–
9. Reboot and enjoy.


Open the Messaging app and under Settings make sure to check (enable) “SMS split”.
I use Handcent to send and receive the MMS messages. Try your own messaging app, and if it doesn’t work, you can always use Handcent.
As of this writing, you must not be connected to a Wi-Fi network for the messages to download or send. You can have Wi-Fi on but not be connected.

If you have a better way of getting this done please send me a message.


As far as I know, and from my personal experience, the Sprint VoiceMail app does not work with MetroPCS. 
I use the free app Voicemail Notifier and it has always worked reliably. It is no longer in the market, but you can 

download my modded version here

not flashable, extract to your sd card and install as a normal app.


You can now uninstall APN Backup & Restore and MSL Reader.

To send and receive 3D images, use TwinPic 3D. It will work over WiFi or over 3G.

Want a MetroPCS Splash Screen? Click here to check out my thread.
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