[GUIDE] Flashing Evo Lte to Page Plus

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Page plus is a prepaid CDMA wireless carrier that operates on the verizon network. They are the only (that I know of) prepaid carrier that always you to add your sprint ESN (good or bad) onto their network. Other carriers do not allow you to flash your own phone onto their network, thus you have to buy a “donor phone”. This is why I chose page plus, I didnt wanna pay for a donor phone or clone my ESN.Page plus 


(800) 550-2436

This guide will get you talk text and data.

Warning you will only get 1x speed with this guide, you would need to extract 3g keys from an actual verizon 3g phone to get working 3g. My 1x speeds tested around 200 kbps both up and down, sadly faster then Sprint 3G in my area.

Go to settings>about phone>phone identity and grab a pen and paper and write your 14 digit MEID number down.

First read the guide to make sure you can do this. It is actually super easy, the longest part is downloading the necessary software and drivers.

Read the guide? Comfortable with the process? Call Page Plus at (800) 550-2436. Expect to sit on hold for 5-30 minutes. Tell the rep that you do not have an account and you would like to flash your sprint phone onto their network. They will ask you for your ESN. Give them the MEID you wrote down and they will ask your city, state, and zip to give you a local area code. The rep will give you a phone number and a MIN, write these down.

There is an option to activate your phone online instead but DONT. If you call they will do it for free and give you 20 minutes of airtime, if you do it online it will cost you 10 dollars.

Cool! Your phone is now ready to be flashed to the phone number that page plus gave you. Lets make a checklist on necessary software. 

You MUST do this on a sense based ROM, as you will be putting your phone in USB diagnostic mode, and CM10 does not recognize it when you do this.

Download MSL Reader off of the market (requires root) this will you give you your SPC code.

CDMA workshop 
http://www.cdma-ware.com/workshop.html Only need the demo, no need to buy full version


HTC diagnostic drivers 

Page Plus prl files (see attatchment)

Install QPST and CDMA workshop demo.

Plug your phone into you computer and dial ##3424# which will put it in diagnostic mode.
Head over to device manager on your PC and look for “HTC Diag” it should be there. If you dont see it, try restarting your phone. 

Once you see “HTC Diag” right click it and select update driver. Pick browse from computer and point to the HTC diag drivers you downloaded. Choose the x64 folder for 64 bit or x86 for 32 bit.

We are now ready to flash to Page Plus.

Open up CDMA workshop demo.

Click “port” on the top left and it should say HTC diagnostic interface. Double click it.

Click “connect” at the top

Click the security tab at the top.

On the bottom right it says “SPC/user lock” in the box below where it says Default (nv_read) enter the number the MSL reader app gave you.

Now click the SBC and select “send”. It should say device unlocked successfully. Now click SPC again and select “write”. Should say SPC successfully changed.

Now click the “other” tab at the top. Under PRL click the Write tab and browse to the pageplus prl folder and select pageplus.prl

It should say successfully writen.

Now click the “main” tab at top. Click where it says “read” above the security tab. Now click “read” on the bottom right. 

You will see two different boxes that say “MIN” punch the MIN number page plus gave you into both of those boxes.

Next you see towards the bottom of the page “Dir_Number and Dir_PCS” boxes. Enter your page plus phone number into both of those boxes. We are now done with CDMA work shop. Click the red X at the top right, and the program will ask you to save your changes. Click yes, and the phone will reboot.
Let your phone boot back up, we will now finish the job with QPST. 

Dial ##3424# again once your phones back booted up to make sure its in diagnostic mode.

Navigate on your PC to start all programs QPST and select QPST configuration.

Click “add new port” there should be one with a COM number that says USB/diagnostic. Click that and select ok.

On top select start clients then service programming. 

Double click phone and a new window should pop up with a bunch of tabs.

Click “read from phone” at the bottom left. Enter again the code the MSL reader app gave to you.

At the top right press the right arrow until you see the “M.IP” tab

Where it says mobile IP behavior towards the bottom click the drop down menu and select Simple IP only.

Double click profile 2.

In NAI put phonenumber@vzw3g.com

For tethered NAI put phonenumber@dun.vzw3g.com

For HA shared secret select enter text string and type “vzw” Do the same in the AAA shared secret column.

Look to the right.

Home address should be set to
Both primary and secondary HA addresses should be set to

Hit ok at the bottom left and navigate to the ppp config tab

Click “um’
For user ID enter phonenumber@vzw3g.com
For tethered NAI enter phonenumber@dun.vzw3g.com
Click in the password box and type “vzw”
Click the AN tab
User ID is your phone*number@vzw3g.com
Password is “vzw”
Click “write to phone” 

Your phone should now reboot and be fully operational on the page plus network with your new phone number. When your phone boots up dial *22890, if it fails no worries just call anyone you would like and it should say press 1 for english then tell you your account balance is low as they only give you 20 minutes of airtime for free.

Head over to www.pagepluscellular.com and register an account so you can add PIN numbers to replenish your account.

I suggest buying PINS at www.callingmart.com. They will give you a PIN instantly upon purchase. Just enter that pin through your account at www.pagepluscellular.com

Use coupon code B2S125 and get 5 percent off


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