Updated Guide IOS 6 Sprint iPhone 4 flash to Page Plus with 3g and MMS

Well i cant edit my old post so i thought i would start a new one with a updated guide on flashing a sprint iphone 4 to page plus. Its pretty much the same process with updated steps for ios6.

Well i posted recently that i acquired a iphone flashed to page plus. Well i didnt know it was a sprint iphone and thought it was a verizon one so i restored it and was left with no data. So i went on a mission and after many hours finally figured out the right combination of settings to get it working. So i thought i would share it with everyone on here because i cant find anywhere else how to do this other than paying someone large amounts of money which i dont have. But any on how to flash it.

You must have a sprint iphone 4. Clean esn or bad esn is ok. This will not work on a verizon iphone with bad esn. Will not work on any iphone 4s. Page plus does not except bad verizon esn. You need to be jail-broken and on ios5 or ios6. This should work on any ios 6 version.

You can activate any clean esn verizon iphone 4 or 4s without flashing, just call and add esn to account then program phone.

Onto Flashing:

Need to be jailbroken use red snow which is for mac and windows

Next add this repo into cydia


Install ComCenter Patch and Install cricket carrier bundle from repo

Next you need to download the page plus bundle attached at the bottom of this post.

Then connect your iphone to your computer and use a file browser to open files installed on your iphone (I used diskaid).
Navigate too /system/Library/Carrier Bundles/Iphone/ and open the cricket bundle folder
Now erase everything inside and replace the contents with the page plus files
Reboot your phone and the new settings should be plugged into the phone.

Now we need to program the phone so open up the Dailer
dial ##626
then 000000
Then you input your MDN and MIN in the blanks

Then dial *228 and your phone will be programmed
now dial *22890 or *22800 or *22801 and select option 2 and that inputs the new prl.

Well you should be all set with everything working. Let me know how it goes (:

As we know the ios6 jailbreak is a tethered one, which means you have to boot up from a computer every time the device is shut off, well there is a way around this, if you dont mind losing the jailbreak

all it takes is a restore back to stock from itunes, the flash remains in the settings ( the only way to erase the flash is a network settings reset) to get data working you have to turn data roaming on

You are not actually roaming it thinks its on sprint and roaming on verizon but you actually arnt.

Well i hope it works for everyone and let me know if you need any help below and success feedback as well (: