Working on getting both a Sprint and Verizon iPhone 5 on Page Plus now that jb is out

Hi guys, at the moment I’m working on getting both my Sprint iPhone 5 (bad ESN due to unpaid bill, ditched Sprint for their horrible HORRIBLE service) and Verizon iPhone 5 (clean ESN) on Page Plus.

Currently, I’ve gotten the Verizon iPhone 5 to flash the Page Plus PRL using the existing CommCenter for iOS 5+ patch (which was updated to support iPhone 5 a few hours ago) and iFile along with the Page Plus PRL. However I flashed it using a Sprint SIM Card and flashed the PRL using the Sprint_LTE carrier bundle (since the VZ iPhone 5 is unlocked it will use the SIM card’s respective carrier bundle in the Carrier Bundles folder), it connects for a second then disconnects from Page Plus as a Sprint SIM Card is obviously not supported. Don’t have a Verizon SIM card to test with yet.

Going to try this on Sprint iPhone 5 now to see if it works.