How to Flash Sprint Iphone 5c to pageplus ( video )

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How to flash sprint Iphone 5c to pageplus 

every step must be followed exactly
please share if you have the time

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links to tools you will need !!!!

– itiaprepo.com/frankerebus GET COMMCENTER PATCH IOS7
– cydia.myrepospace.com/cdma PAGEPLUSCARRIERBUNDLE
cydia programs to download FREE
do a search in cydia and get
afc2add , tetherize, fakecarrier “to change name of carrier by signal”
paste the prl with ifunbox into USR folder yes it’s called ” USR “
carrier bundles to rename
located in ifunbox under classic “click on your phone model at bottom then click fun classic” the goto RAW / SYSTEM / LIBRARY / IPHONE / CARRIER BUNDLES
Rename Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US.bundle to sprintBackup.bundle
Rename Tracfone_US.bundle to Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US.bundle
ALSO PUT THE PP PRL IN THE OLD TRACFONE BUNDLE WHEN YU PASTE IT IN FOLDER RENAME CARRIER.PRL TO CARRIERBACKUP.PRL THEN RENAME PAGEPLUSPRL TO carrier.prl pull sim card out then put sime back in if it doesn’t say TFC yet don’t worry now goto the sources you added and add the commcnterpatch & pp carrier bundle reboot and now it should say TFC by signal ! 


  • Anonymous

    Thank you i look everywhere for this

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  • you are very welcome, if you need a specific guide or tool let me know and i will post it for you

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  • Supertapha

    Hello, is this reversible ?
    I'm about to use your guide to flash my iphone 5 to pageplus, and I wonder iff I will be able to flash it back to iOS.

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  • Make a complete backup of your phone using tiny umbrella, and save your blobs

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