How to Full Flash Samsung Galaxy S4 Step by step ( Tools Included )

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How to Full Flash Samsung Galaxy S4 Step by step   ( Tools Included )

Sprint S4 Diag instructions:
1.dial *#7284#
2. click qualcomm usb settings and choose DM+ADB+MODEM
3. then turn on usb debugging in the development settings
4. plug in

Verizon + USCC S4
1.go to settings and about device or about phone
2. tap the build prop a bunch of times til it tells you that your a developer
3. go back and now you have the developement option and turn on usb debugging
4.Dial *#22745927 to enable hidden menu
5.usb adb to open the iot hidden menu here is the command (adb shell “am broadcast -a android.provider.Telephony.SECRET_CODE -d android_secret_code://IOTHIDDENMENU”)
6.Choose usb settings
7.And choose DM+ADB+MODEM
8.dial *#9090# and choose dm over uart and phone will reboot
9. plug in

alt ##DMMODE# turn it on

The rest will assume your familiar with flashing and know what to do

16 digit passwords are the same as the s3 versions
sprint-01F2030F5F678FF9 or 2012112120131219

To set the verizon and uscc to nv only you will need to send both the 16 digit password and the spc
Verizon and USCC just read from the donor for your info and write to the phone make sure you set pref mode to cdma_hdr
sprint write data settings as normal sprint phone in profile 0 and 1 active will be 0 and place the 10.key in efs2 using dfs
uscc doesn’t need any sim but will display the invalid sim error
sprint no errors
verizon some need a used sim some doesn’t need any sim try without first

if you dont have a donor then just put the mdn and min and sid in the nam tab on dfs with a prl
and data tab user id will be and pw will be vzw same for mobile ip tab
but don’t half flash give your customers 3g if not i eventually get the business

Want to learn 3g look for my 3g flashing guide online Its free to download

If you wish to donate my paypal is its much appreciated and
helps motivate me for future guides free of charge.

Sedds89 the first full flash guide for the s4 on the web.

New to Flashing use wirelessworkshop best support for 1 clicking flashing and
doesn’t mess up your phone like the other 1 clickers do! (personal opinion)

Stuck need help email me Always happy to help out!

adb enabling hidden menu on the verizon s4 and uscc s4

download that then extract to watever directory you can navigate to in command prompt
if your like me and don’t know type cd “folder name”
my command prompt was set to c:/users/ez
so i extracted to the ez folder and then opened command prompt and typed
cd platform_tools then hit enter
and then i typed adb and got a bunch of jibberish so i put the following next
adb shell “am broadcast -a android.provider.Telephony.SECRET_CODE -d android_secret_code://HIDDENMENUENABLE” then hit enter
then the phone poped up the hidden menu i enabled it
then type this afterwards
adb shell “am broadcast -a android.provider.Telephony.SECRET_CODE -d android_secret_code://IOTHIDDENMENU”
then hit enter you will see the iot menu then follow the guide above

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