How To Fix Wifi issues [Grayed out or Dim]

How To Fix Wifi issues
How To Fix Wifi issues – Apple devices are known to be of superior build amongst other devices.

However, It has its own share of problem one of which is the issue of difficulty experienced when trying to connect device to a wifi network, locating a wifi network or even browsing on one

How To Fix Wifi issues

In case you have such a device with the aforementioned problems, Just follow the guide below and the problem should be solved. Requirements
  • Make sure wireless device is on and broadcasting at the right frequency
  • Make sure Apple device is within range of wireless signal.
  • If wireless router is passcoded, make sure passcode is known.
How To Fix Wifi issues
Step 1: Tap Settings on your device, and tap Wi-Fi, toggle It Off and On again.
Step 2: Now connect to the displayed wifi network. Once connected, it would be checked.
Step 3: Click on the small blue arrow and then click on forget this network  
Step 4: Rejoin network again. Input passcode If asked. Once you have done this. Checked If problem is resolved.
Step 5: If not resolved, reboot device, try connecting again. If problem persist, meet the Administrator of the wireless device to check your wireless band If its compatible with the router being used.
Step 6:However, If problem is resolved, devices would be connected and browsing. In case you need more helps in dealing with this problem don’t hesistate to drop your comments
iF your Wi-Fi settings is grayed out or dim so you have to check the steps below:
How To Fix Wifi issues
Note: This is means that your Wifi address is missing make sure about that go to  Settings > General > About (Missing Wi-Fi address):
How To Fix Wifi issues
Follow these steps to resolve the issue:
Step 1: Make sure that airplane mode is off go to Settings –> Airplane Mode.
Step 2: Reset the network settings go to Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings.
Step 3: Make sure that your device is using the latest software. To do so,
  • Go to Settings –> General –> Software Update. now your iOS will automatically check for available updates. if there is an available  updates download it but you have to connect your device to Wi-Fi and a power source
Step 4: If your issue is still appears then you have to restore your device using our link posted here