Jailbreaking is Legal or illegal ?

Jailbreaking is Legal or illegal – Legality of Jailbreaking depends upon the laws of your country.

Some countries have strict Cyber laws while others don’t even have the Cyber laws. Well, in most of countries, Jailbreaking is completely legal while some states it as illegal. US has a different situation, According to DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, if a developer has made some kind of protection on his/her software, the user of that software is not allowed to bypass that protection or make changes in the software. But there is a twist in this story; an exemption was passed by Library of Congress which states that Jailbreaking Smartphones such as iPhone is completely legal in United States of America.

Jailbreaking is Legal or illegal

Well, the Library of Congress is pretty much cleared about the iPhones but there are no details about iPod Touch and iPads. No exemption has been passed for Jailbreaking the iPads and iPod Touch but it doesn’t point that Jailbreaking is completely illegal for iPad. However, Jailbreaking of both devices fall in the gray area which means that it is neither illegal by DMCA nor legal by the Act. You can search for the laws of your country regarding Jailbreaking. All we can say, Jailbreaking is legal in most of countries of the world but installing pirate things is copyright infringement which is completely illegal in all countries. So, Jailbreaking an iDevice is not illegal but installing Pirated apps is.