How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 5

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 5

I have seen many users still have no proper information about rooting SM-N920* (Galaxy Note 5)

Here Steps to root your Note 5.

Before you proceed to root, you should know some facts like we need to have custom kernel as of now to root device. Also we have bootloader protection to flash anything but that can be unlock (read below). Also to note that rooting your device warranty voids (permanently)

Steps to Root Note 5.

1.First find out which variant of Note 5 you have. You can find it with Settings-About device-Model number. Here you will see exact model number. (This may be different from original if you have flashed a ROM with different variant. Like your device is N920C and you have flashed a ROM for N920I, this will display N920I. But here we are assuming users reading this guide is non rooted and stock ROM users so it will be same as original variant)

2.Unlock Flashing
Go to settings-about device-Software info – You will see “build number” – Tap repeatedly on build number to unlock development option
Now you will see Development option in setting (just above about device)
Open Development option – OEM Unlock – Enable it.

3.Flashing custom Recovery.
Download TWRP by @bigbiff according your variant. Here select tar version of file NOT zip
Philz CWM. Philz recovery is ported for Note 5 by @arter97 and you can download from his web page. – Here look to latest build and select your device model. for example your variant is N920I you have to open n920ci (this indicate n920c and n920i) and download Philz recovery with file name ending tar.md5 (not zip)

4.Flash custom recovery.
Use Odin V3_10.7 to flash downloaded recovery
Switch off device
Reboot to download mode (Vol down+power+home)
Select downloaded above said Philz recovery with AP tab of Odin and flash.
Reboot to recovery and now you should have custom recovery.
In case still you have stock recovery then follow this
Again reboot to download mode
Select recovery file with AP tab of Odin
Now uncheck Auto reboot option
Flash selected file
Once flashing complete, disconnect device and long press Vol down+Power
Once screen turns off, immediately press vol up+power+home to reboot to recovery manually.

BELOW STEP 5 IS NO MORE COMPULSORY AS SUperSU 2.60 and up can root directly on stock kernel.(Systemless root)


5.Flash custom kernel
Download custom kernel according your variant and flash from recovery.
Here available custom kernels
Nobel Kernel

Now flash Beta SuperSU 2.49 zip from recovery.