Guide: how to flash Galaxy Note 3 flash to PagePlus with 3G data step by step

function onYtEvent(payload) { if (payload.eventType == ‘subscribe’) { // Add code to handle subscribe event. } else if (payload.eventType == ‘unsubscribe’) { // Add code to handle unsubscribe event. } if (window.console) { // for debugging only window.console.log(‘YT event: ‘,… Continue Reading

Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S4, S3, and S2 Flash to Boost, Virgin Mobile, Ting, etc.

These instructions should work for Boost, Virgin Mobile, Ting, other Sprint MVNO, and legacy plans such as SERO, etc. I followed my exact steps as described in the Galaxy S3 thread…and guess what…it worked. Even the *2 (launches Sprint Zone… Continue Reading