Apple Iphone 4 flashing to cricket tutorial ( talk, text, mms, data )

DFS – creators of CDMA ToolsAmoamare – repo location for the Comm center patch and Cricket bundle.Rich Hathaway – also posted a repo locaton for a Comm center patch and misc postings on CDMA Gurus.ljm715 – the original IPCC I used was from this… Continue Reading

Updated Guide IOS 6 Sprint iPhone 4 flash to Page Plus with 3g and MMS

Well i cant edit my old post so i thought i would start a new one with a updated guide on flashing a sprint iphone 4 to page plus. Its pretty much the same process with updated steps for ios6.Well… Continue Reading

something interesting iphone 5s, iphone 5c, ipad air

I have recently noticed that when performing the bypass method to get to the homescreen of your iphone (yes the one that everyone has seen a thousand times) That at the point where you are to make a (No Name)… Continue Reading


New Bypass iCloud all Devices.

New Bypass iCloud all Devices. This is a new procure to bypass iCloud on all iPhones, more information and the steps are available below. VARO: WE ARE EXAMINING THE SERVICE ISSUES NOW AND CHECKING TO SEE IF WE CAN GET… Continue Reading

iCloud Backdoor Exploit

iCloud Backdoor Exploit 6 The Drive-Through Exploit Call it what you want but a discovery was made today at a McDonald’s drive thru that proved effective. I call it “The Drive Thru Exploit”, this simple trip through a routine drive… Continue Reading