Apple Iphone 4 flashing to cricket tutorial ( talk, text, mms, data )

DFS – creators of CDMA ToolsAmoamare – repo location for the Comm center patch and Cricket bundle.Rich Hathaway – also posted a repo locaton for a Comm center patch and misc postings on CDMA Gurus.ljm715 – the original IPCC I used was from this… Continue Reading

Updated Guide IOS 6 Sprint iPhone 4 flash to Page Plus with 3g and MMS

Well i cant edit my old post so i thought i would start a new one with a updated guide on flashing a sprint iphone 4 to page plus. Its pretty much the same process with updated steps for ios6.Well… Continue Reading

Verizon Iphone 5 7.0.4 flashing to page plus Successfully done with 3G.

What you need:Iphone 5 verizon version running 7.0.4ifile and tethermeEvad3rs plus prl file.verizon sim card without serviceStep 0. Put your verizon non-active sim card on the phone.Step 1. Jailbreak your iphone. I use evad3rs jailbreak since my iphone is… Continue Reading

Tutorial how to flash Sprint iPhone 4 iOS 7.x.x to Page Plus

Source we gonna need: -The latest Evasi0n7 1.0.2 (download at two repos: 1. Jailbreaking your device with Evasion7 1.0.2 (plug an play)2. Install the two repo on Cydia surce.3. Install the New “CommCenter patch for iOS 7+” (perform a… Continue Reading