How to Flash Sprint Samsung Galaxy s5 to Pagplus

function onYtEvent(payload) { if (payload.eventType == ‘subscribe’) { // Add code to handle subscribe event. } else if (payload.eventType == ‘unsubscribe’) { // Add code to handle unsubscribe event. } if (window.console) { // for debugging only window.console.log(‘YT event: ‘,… Continue Reading

How to Flash Sprint Note 3 to Reliance/Cricket/Metro

How to Flash Sprint Note 3 to Reliance/Cricket/Metro Without SPC code , Sprint Note 3 CDMA Flashing. Root Required  Install Terminal Emulator or use “adb tool” cmd from pc1) Enable hidden menu.Type below cmdadb shellsuam broadcast -a android.provider.Telephony.SECRET_CODE -d android_secret_code://HIDDENMENUENABLE (then… Continue Reading

Sprint /Verizon/USCC S2/S3/S4/ Note 2/Note 3 to Page Plus / Selectel Flashing Real 3G

I want this to be a thread dedicated to help others to flash the mentioned devices to Page Plus / Selectel / Next-G / Service in REAL 3G….I have been flashing phones for a several years now as a hobby… Continue Reading

Verizon Iphone 5 7.0.4 flashing to page plus Successfully done with 3G.

What you need:Iphone 5 verizon version running 7.0.4ifile and tethermeEvad3rs jailbreak.page plus prl file.verizon sim card without serviceStep 0. Put your verizon non-active sim card on the phone.Step 1. Jailbreak your iphone. I use evad3rs jailbreak since my iphone is… Continue Reading